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Current Groups

Group Therapy

Parent Educational and Supportive Group

This group is for parents to come together to learn and support each other in their parenting journeys. During each group, we facilitate a discussion about a topic specific to child development, behavior, and emotional health. We also make plenty of time for parents to share their current struggles, worries, and wins. This group has become a supportive community in which parents can reflect deeply and honestly about their  parent roles.

Mondays 7-8pm

Led by Dr. Casher and Cory Marchi

LGBTQ+ Parent Group

This group is intended to support and guide parents hoping to be strong allies of LGBTQ+ individuals. The group is geared toward parents who want to talk openly with their families about gender and sexuality, and who want to help their children discover themselves in healthy ways. Many families appreciate the opportunity to process this new experience with other families, and we hope that parents can help their children to be strong in the face of hate and discrimination.

Mondays 12-1pm

Led by Cory Marchi, LPC  

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