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Media Use and Depression

Have you increased your social media use recently? If so, you may be at a heightened risk for developing depression, according to a study published this month (Primack et al., 2020). During this pandemic winter, I invite you to pay close attention to how you are spending your time, and the

emotional impacts of those choices.

In my work with families, a common concern arises around electronics use, social engagement, and limit setting. When so many of us are turning to our devices for social interaction, I am often asked if the risks of excessive screen time outweigh the benefits of social engagement. And there is no easy answer. One suggestion is to limit our media use to the more interactive type (think, chatting or gaming with friends) as opposed to the

more passive type (think, mindless and endless scrolling). There are plenty of apps that can help families set these limits if conflict is high around electronics use.

Of course, decreasing media use without healthy replacements is not helpful. Now more than ever, it is important to maintain structure and routines, exercise the body and mind regularly, get outside, and practice self-compassion when we notice ourselves feeling anxious or down.

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