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Online Therapy and Assessment

Online Therapy Works

Research shows that virtual therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy.

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Online Therapy for Adults

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Online Therapy for Families

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Online Therapy for Teens

How Does Online Therapy Work?

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Access Experts from Anywhere

Many communities lack specialized and experienced therapists. With online therapy, we bring our specialists' expertise to you.

Initial Consultation

Start by scheduling an online consultation with one of our licensed therapists. During this session, you'll discuss your concerns, goals, and preferences for therapy.

Flexible Scheduling

Meet with your therapist from home, school, or work. Choose appointment times that fit your schedule. Virtual sessions allow us to be more flexible with  your scheduling needs.

Secure Platform/App

All sessions are conducted through our secure, encrypted video platform, ensuring your confidentiality and data protection. Meet with your therapist through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Therapy For All Coloradans

Panorama Psychology offers online therapy in Denver to all Colorado residents. 

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Online/Hybrid Assessment

Expert Assessments for Colorado Residents

Comprehensive Assessments

We offer cognitive, academic, and emotional evaluations in Denver for all Colorado residents. Many assessment components can be completed virtually.


Hybrid Assessment eliminates the need for multiple trips to our office. Even for local clients, hybrid assessment provides convenient options for assessment.

Increasing Accessibility

We serve clients from all of Colorado:

- Denver Metro

- Front Range

- Pikes Peak

- Mountain Communities

- Northeast/North Central

- Western Slope

Assessment Specialists

Our psychologists are psychological assessment specialists.


- Learning Disabilities

- Mood Disorders

- OCD/Anxiety Disorders

- Personality Disorders

- Trauma/PTSD

- School Admissions/Accommodations Testing (ACT, SAT, GMAT, Bar, etc)

How Hybrid Assessments Work

Initial Online Interview

Begin with a thorough interview to gather background information and identify assessment needs.

Results and Tailored Recommendations

Our psychologists will analyze the results and provide a detailed report, including diagnostic impressions and recommendations. 

Online/Hybrid Assessment

Some standardized assessments may be completed online. For other assessments, a half day of in-person testing may be necessary.

Online Follow-Up

During the online follow-up session, we discuss the findings and outline our tailored recommendations for academic, therapeutic, and other supports.

If you’d like more information about online/hybrid services, get in touch today.

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