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Therapy Services

Early Childhood and Infant Mental Health

Early childhood therapy can take various forms, such as play therapy and dyadic (parent-child) relational therapy. What underlies all therapy for young children is the understanding that early experiences play a critical role in the development of lifelong emotional health. Therapy for young children has a strong family component which emphasizes safety, emotional awareness, and family skills building.

Child/Adolescent Therapy

Starting therapy with your child or teen can feel like a big step. When you meet us, our commitment is to offer a supportive and guiding hand, ensuring both you and your child feel at ease and empowered as we work together toward positive, lasting change. In therapy, we collaboratively explore and address challenges, fostering resilience, understanding, and growth in your family.

Family Therapy

When one member of a family is hurting, the entire system feels their pain.  Often, family struggles are related to interaction patterns or communication difficulties.  Family Therapy is one way to start identifying and changing unhelpful patterns.  In Family Therapy, we will work together to promote family communication, coping, and healing.

Parent-Focused Therapy

We believe strongly that parents and caregivers are the foundation of family wellness. When family life gets tough, parent-focused therapy is sometimes recommended to improve relational dynamics, bolster your confidence, and learn practical skills to help your family thrive.

Adult Therapy

Adult therapy offers adults a comfortable and confidential space to explore your thoughts and feelings. Whether you're navigating challenging transitions, facing work-related stress, coping with anxiety or depression, or seeking healing for trauma and improved relationships, we are dedicated to providing a space for exploration without judgment.

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