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Healing Trauma Through Relationships

Just as there are "risk factors" for negative outcomes (for example, Adverse Childhood Experiences - ACEs), there are also many protective factors that buffer against those negative outcomes even in children with many risk factors. In other words, there is hope.

In child therapy, we have a wonderful opportunity to target one of the most types of powerful protective factors - relationships. When we meet with children for therapy, we nurture healthy relationships, both between the child and therapist, and between the child and others including parents and caregiver. These relationships are protective against all sorts of difficulties later in life. The evidence is clear, when children have adult relationships that make them feel safe and protected, they are better able to weather difficult periods, and less likely to have negative consequences of trauma later on. Let's all work together to help children thrive by building and nurturing strong and loving relationships.

Click here to read more about protective factors.

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