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Helping Men Deal With Difficult Emotions

Revisiting this quote which sums up a common masculine experience of emotion. We all know that vulnerable or shameful emotions can sometimes be transformed into anger, and this is especially common in men due to the male socialization process. Some men find ways to access and process vulnerable emotions, which can be a rewarding emotional experience and which can also help men interact with the world in a more compassionate and thoughtful way. Here are some ideas for anyone wanting to improve their emotional skills:

Noticing/naming: simply be aware of your body and mind. Name the feelings and sensations.

Journaling/writing: start with the words “I am feeling” and go from there. Write what comes to your mind naturally.

Give yourself permission to feel: instead of pushing hard feelings away, ignoring them, or distracting yourself from them, try sitting with them. You can let yourself know that it is okay to feel this way and that like everything else, it will


Explore anger: when you notice anger, dig a little deeper. What emotions came right before the anger?

Talk with a good friend or therapist: practice being vulnerable in a safe relationship. Share a story about feeling hurt or embarrassed and see how it feels.

Good luck!

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