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Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is a universal human experience. When worries, fears, and anxious sensations

become overwhelming, here are a few strategies you can use to feel more grounded and at peace.

  • Noticing: Pay attention to the anxious feelings. What do you feel in your body? What thoughts are you having?

  • Naming: "Name it to tame it." Tell yourself you are having an anxious moment. Say it out loud to someone you trust.

  • Self-Talk: Remind yourself that you have felt this way before, and that it will pass. Let yourself know that you are safe.

  • Grounding: Take some deep breaths and focus on body sensations.

  • Self Compassion: Give yourself permission to feel anxious for as long as you need. Try to go easy on yourself. Be gentle like you would be with someone you love.

Sometimes we are able to cope with anxiety on our own, and sometimes we need a gentle hand to guide us through difficult periods. If you or a loved one need support with anxiety, our therapists at Panorama Psychology can help. Schedule a consultation for more information.

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